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Mighty Paw

Dual Handle Bungee Leash

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The Mighty Paw Dual Handle Bungee Dog Leash offers several unique features for durability and comfort. BUNGEE: Walking your dog requires counteracting strong forces. Why not let our comfort-action bungee do some of that work for you? Physical therapists recommend the Mighty Paw Dual Handle Bungee for its unique blend of strength and flexibility. This feature reduces unneeded stress to the wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck. In addition, you will love the energy you save. DUAL HANDLES: Experience for yourself the convenience of having two handles, for both freedom and control, when walking your dog. PREMIUM QUALITY: The Mighty Paw Dog Leash is made with premium quality weather-proof nylon material and durable hardware to ensure its use for years to come. SAFETY: Reflective stitching on both sides of the leash along the entire length. Length: 46" (68" Extended) Width: 1"