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Mighty Paw

Martingale Cinch Collar

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Martingale-style limited cinch collar: the limited cinch collar was designed to make training with your dog safe and effective. The mighty paw martingale-style collar tightens under tension but only tightens enough to provide a (subtle) controlled training cue to your dog. The mighty paw limited cinch collar is constructed with premium quality nylon, reflective stitching and a 100% iron chain. This is the ultimate balance between durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal. The iron components of our collar create an audible sound that further reinforces your training. Our martingale-style cinch collar also features a single-piece d-ring attachment option. This makes it quick and easy for you to change from a training collar to standard (non-cinch) collar. At mighty paw, we believe that training your dog can be a positive bonding experience. The mighty paw brand was created by dog lovers for dog lovers. We are a family owned and operated business out of Rochester, NY.